My First Dungeons and Dragons Campaign- Ramblings From a Geek

While I grew up playing board games like Balderdash and Guillotine, I never did any Pen and Paper Role Playing Games. My first RPG experience wasn’t D&D, but actually Edge of Empire Star Wars RPG. We did a campaign with our board game group and it was quite fun.  

About a year later, my husband James and I both expressed interest in playing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, especially with how well D&D 5th Edition was received. James had played D&D with his uncles when he was a kid, so he had some experience. James’ coworker and wife also wanted to get back into D&D after playing some campaigns with their kids in previous years. We had a group, we ordered the players’ rulebook, and started to create our characters.

I poured over the players’ handbook with excitement. I had previously played D&D Wrath of Ashardalon Adventure Game and Lords of Waterdeep, so I knew a little bit of the lore, but not much. I decided to go with a Drow (Dark Elf) Rogue.  After hearing how evil the drow were, I decided to start reading the Legend of Drizzt books.   decided to be a goodly dark elf.  In retrospect, my group and I should’ve have created characters together, because none of us were strength based characters. I’d highly suggest creating characters together on your first campaign.  

We’ve been playing D&D for several months now and it’s been incredibly fun.  My husband James got really into painting miniatures, planning campaigns as the DM, and even has another D&D group at work. I really enjoy reading the Drizzt books and buying cool dice. My favorite part of D&D is the interactions and immersion that I have with my group. About a month ago I decided to switch my character to a Dwarf Paladin, because I couldn’t role play a rogue very well. My husband the DM was very accommodating. I’m enjoying playing a dwarf paladin as dwarves are awesome and paladin are typically lawful good. I think it’s important to choose a character that is easy for you to role play on your first campaign.  

My D&D group likes to have a good balance of battles and puzzles.   personally don’t like very long, drawn out battles, and like short skirmishes instead. My D&D group also likes to haggle with shop owners, figuring out the best deals. D&D is really what you make it, and what your individual group and DM want to design it as.

We’ll continue playing D&D throughout the year, and in the future, try out different RPGs such as Shadowrun and doing Force and Destiny Star Wars RPG.  I hope to try out being a DM on a Star Wars campaign in the future, since I’m very well versed in the lore. For now, I’ll keep being a Dwarf Paladin rolling my D20s.

Quick Tips for Starting a D&D campaign:

  1.  Find a group that shares interests 
  2. Find someone willing to DM and plan campaigns
  3. Create characters together to ensure a balanced team
  4. Try to be as consistent as possible with scheduling sessions
  5. Buy any accessories (minis, dice, etc) as you see fit
  6. Always have good food and drink while playing
  7. Buy the Players’ Handbook, Monster Manual, and DM Handbook
  8. Read any D&D books for extra lore/background knowledge if desired

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